Hacks and Tricks How to track your previous locations on Google maps

How to track your previous locations on Google maps


Many times it happens that we don’t remember our previous location and routes of some important destinations. So here is one of the features of google maps to keep a record of your location, route with date and time. Let’s see how to use it with simple steps.

  1. open google maps on your phone.
  2. click on the left sliding menu of google maps.
  3. click on your timeline.
  4. you will be asked by Google to allow to save your precise location after you allow google. It will save all of your location and routes you visit 24×7. (when you will allow from that time google maps will start recording your data not previously)
  5. To view your previous location again go to your timeline click on Calender.
  6. you can see your routes as shown here.
  7. you can the routes as well time.

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