The history of electric cars is too as old as that of I.C. engine cars. In fact, earlier at the starting electric engines were among the preferred method for automobile propulsion.

  • The first electric cars were created as early as in 1881 when a French inventor Gustave Trowie demonstrative the first car powered by electricity at the “International Exposition of electricity, Paris”.
  • Further, in 1884 Thomas Parker built the first practical production electric cars in London. He had used his own designed high-capacity rechargeable battery for this.
  • Commercially the first electric cars were used in 1897 in the US it had been used in a project funded by a then battery company of Philadelphia.


Why IC engine cars got most references over electric cars

There were several reasons like:

  • Internal Combustion Engine vehicles have fast refuelling than the electric cars and it is a major factor.
  • Moreover, the production of I.C. engine cars is much cheaper than that of electric cars.
  • The batteries of electric cars come at a very high cost initially.
  • But environmental factors are the main reason which gave a push to electric vehicles. It had got remarkable support from environmentalists due to zero emission. In the early ’90s, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) begin a campaign for low emission vehicles with the ultimate goal to zero emission. As a result, many automakers moved towards the manufacturing of electric vehicles.


starting of evThe initial point of modern EV.

In 2004 the famous Tesla motors started its manufacturing unit of electric vehicles and after four years in 2008 delivered the first Tesla Roadster to a customer. In 2017 its global sale surpassed 250,000 units.

But the alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi gave it a heavy competition by achieving a milestone sale of 500,000 units of electric vehicles by October 2017.

From the futuristic point of view and considering the environmental factors many countries have planned to ban gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles in future. The countries and their decided years are:

  1. Norway by 2025
  2. China by 2030
  3. India by 2030
  4. Germany by 2030
  5. Songs by 2040 and
  6. Britain by 2040-50.


why ev is expensiveWhy electric vehicles are so costly?

you might have wondered about this question several times, and a simple thought about this is as it is a one-time investment so do it and after that, you are free from the cost of diesel or petrol. This is true but not 100% let’s see the major factors which are contributing to its high cost.

What are the factors affecting electric car price

  • Establishment of a new production line for the production of EV is cumbersome for the companies, so they rather prefer to do the required conventional changes in the existing platform. This is the reason why us as much as 80% of electric vehicle are manufactured on these letters by third party vendors.
  • As you know battery plays a significant role in deciding the cost of electric vehicles. Example: Tesla motor uses batteries that cost around $200 per kilowatt hour, but recently its price has decreased gradually in 2010 it was 600 Euro per kWh in 2017 drastically reduced to 170 Euro and 100 euro per kWh in 2019.
  • Most of the Nations have introduced several kinds of incentive and lowered the vehicle taxes in order to promote the electric vehicle.

Also, the operating cost of electric cars is approx $485 for a year, while in IC engine cars costs $1,117 per year in the USA.

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